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FC Kahuna

Hayling (Max Cooper Remix) Vinyl

12 Inch £7.99

Release Date: 21/11/2011

Discs: 1

Max Cooper: "This is one of those tracks that seems to hold a lot of memories for people I think, having been a significant mainstream track when it was released in 2002, and also a beautiful piece of music by any standards - it's one of those ones you may not remember from the name, but when you listen the riff and vocal (by none other than Hafdis Huld) it's unmistakable. It even reached no. 49 in the UK charts according to Wikipedia, so I'm officially remixing pop music now (sort of). As with some of my other recent remixes, there was no need (and I probably would have found it impossible anyway) to improve on the track melodically, as it's pretty close to perfection in that sense. I just tried to update the style of it, with some glitchy detailed drums, a sort of dubstep-ish influenced beat structure, a long evolving build throughout, and some distortion. This is being released on the legendary Skint records too, which I'm quite excited about."

1/ Hayling (Max Cooper Remix)
2/ Hayling (Max Cooper Instrumental)
3/ Hayling (Original)